Thursday, 20 February 2014

How to prevent your facebook account from hacking

There are many people asking for how to prevent Facebook hacks.There are many ways to hack Facebook but hacking is illegal.So today I am going to show you how to prevent Facebook from hacking.

1.Do not click on any link:

First and many important thing Do not click on any link Because almost anyone know phishing.Phishing is a trick to hack Facebook account.In this method someone creates a website and upload some phishing file on that website.
Then he post a link or send you a message saying: How to lose weight.When you click on that link.You see a Facebook page asking to login into Facebook and read article.You will simply enter your Facebook id and password.When you enter your id and password and click login or hit enter.Your given details will save in a file like Facebook.txt on the website's file manager.So don't click on any link.Think before you click.

2.Account's information:

To prevent your Facebook account from hacking change your password daily.Use a strong password.To use a strong password just follow these tips.
Use a least 10 digits password.
Use a capital letter.
Use almost 1 digit.
Use a special letter (&,%,* etc).
Using of a strong password is important because if you choose a weak password someone can easily hack your account using brute force attack.So please choose a strong password.
Use privacy for your mobile number,email address and other things like that.Check that no one can see your email address.Because I know hacking of Facebook.Someone can hack your account easily with your email address.

3.Don't download and install any app:

If your friend send you a link and say you to download that app like bomb game.rar,tom picture etc.Don't open that file without scanning that file.Just scan that file with any antivirus and if that file is a malicious program like Virus,rat and key logger etc do not open that file.If you open that file someone can easily view your computer logs.If it is a key logger file someone can can easily view your ids and password.Always use a anti-virus program and update it every day.You can download Avast! free antivirus or AVG free anti-virus.

4. Keep your password secret:

Don't tell your password to any one.If someone use social engineering like (what type of password do you have digits only or alphabets only). If you tell him that your password consists only digits.He can use brute force attack and he will find your password very easily.If a 3rd party software or website ask you to enter your Facebook id and password.Don't tell him your id or password.

5. Some other tips:

Always log out from your account before closing your web browser.Always clear your caches because someone can easily hack your Facebook account using caches with side hijacking attack.

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